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LiveScan USA Affiliate Locations

For Service Hours or to set an appointment, please feel free to call our Referral Hotline:


Most metropolitan areas have LiveScan USA Affiliates, but we are working on ways to fill in some of the gaps throughout all communities. If you do NOT have a livescan facility in your area, our FBI CardScan Service would be your next best option.


Even though LiveScan USA does not run the facilities on our network (they are individually owned and operated), LiveScan USA has a responsibility to the public. For this reason, we accept feedback from all concerned patron of these facilities. If you have feedback about a particular livescan facility, please provide your feedback (either positive or negative) via e-mail.

Facilities receiving poor feedback (without resolution) will have their priority for referrals dropped from our referral list. Positive feedback will increase a facilities standing on our referral list. Your feedback may be kept anonymous if requested.


Map of LiveScan USA Facilities

GREEN Flags - Best Option: Provide walk-in service and Appointments online or through our call center

BLUE Flags - Good Option: Provide walk-in service ONLY - hours not specified.


Yellow Pins - New Facilities OPENING SOON!




If you are a livescan facility in ANY state and would like to process FBI Electronic Submissions - contact LiveScan USA to get online TODAY!

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