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Why use LiveScan instead of Paper Cards?? - 

The Advantages of  FBI LiveScan Service

Let's face it - if you need a clearance from the FBI you may not have the time to wait. Fingerprint Cards (even if the fingerprints were electronically captured and printed onto cards) submitted to the FBI take 6-8 WEEKS to process, unlike livescan's electronic capture and submission which returns results within 3 - 7 days, and sometimes as quick as an HOUR!

NOT ALL "livescan" facilities are the same! Some facilities incorrectly refer to themselves as "livescan" facilities, but livescan is the ELECTRONIC CAPTURE AND SUBMISSION of fingerprints. A fingerprint facility that uses livescan technology to capture prints, but prints them on a fingerprint card are FAKES!

The federal law that allows this access is referenced in Departmental Order 556-73 (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/criminal-history-summary-checks). This special access was granted to select FBI contracted channeling companies in 2011. 

A criminal history record search obtained pursuant to U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 may not meet employment requirements. Governmental licensing or employing agencies covered by federal laws and/or state statutes may refuse to accept criminal history record information directly from the subject of the record, as there would be no way to verify that the information contained on the record had not been altered.

ONLY Affiliates of LiveScan USA can process FBI-ONLY electronic submissions through our exclusive contract.

If you don't have access to a livescan facility, you can still have your FBI Record Response arrive in less than 7 days by sending your fingerprint cards to LiveScan USA - click on the FBI CardScan Services link for more information.

LiveScan USA, CAN authenticate (apostille) fingerprint search results. A request for your FBI Identification Record or proof that a record does not exist can be submitted by a LiveScan USA facility if an authentication (apostille) is needed.

When must fingerprint cards still be used?

Applicants that are NOT US Citizens or Permanent Residents must submit fingerprint cards directly to the FBI.

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